Thursday, February 16, 2012

David Morgan Silver Presentation at California Resource Investment Conference editor and silver guru David Morgan delivers the keynote talk of the recently completed Cambridge House California Resource Investment Conference. The theme:  Debunking myths about silver.


David begins his talk with a powerful video on silver with a very bullish “take.”  He quickly tackles the “myth” that silver is currently in “shortage,” but then makes the case it could and very likely will get that way if trends continue.  He makes the distinction we happen to have made often between short-term shortages of retail products, like the one we all witnessed in 2008 when the spot price was driven lower than the market was willing to pay for small retail silver products, and the supply/price for commercial silver. In 2008 there was no shortage of all silver per se, but there was a shortage of coins, bars and other retail “investment” items.  The evidence: Much higher premiums back then for small silver products on the street versus the commercial price for average 1,000 ounce commercial good delivery bars in late 2008 and early 2009, since then corrected. 


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Coming Silver Ride ‘One for the History Books’

Mr. Morgan sees the demand for silver increasing because of the many new applications that depend on it coupled with rapidly increasing demand for silver as a monetary asset.  David packs a metric tonne of facts and figures to support his contention that this is a different market and different world compared to 1980, the last big bull market for silver.

Quoting Milton Friedman at the ‘Blanchard Conference’ in New Orleans in 1993 (New Orleans Investment Conference), Morgan reminds us all that Friedman said:  “The major monetary metal in history is silver, not gold.”  Some people may have forgotten that silver is money, but history and the U.S. Constitution says otherwise.  Silver doesn’t care what some people think, it’s just a hunk of metal, that the market is realizing is on its way to restoring itself as a way for people to preserve purchasing power of their wealth. That is now that the artificial price pressure caused by decades of  government dumping of silver stockpiles is over. 

Morgan thinks that the ride for silver as valued in fiat money will “be one for the history books.”  Find out a hint of why in the video below.             

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