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Ronald Reagan – Nomination Acceptance Speech of 1984

Sixth in a series.  President Ronald W. Reagan accepts the nomination at the Republican National Convention in Dallas on August 23, 1984. 

From a time when the occupant of the White House was presidential.  It has been a while since that was true.   

A few notable quotes:

“Will Rogers once said he never met a man he didn’t like. Well, I could paraphrase Will. Our friends in the other party have never met a tax they didn’t like. – They didn’t like or hike.”


“In 1981 we (republicans) gained control of the senate and the executive branch. With the help of some concerned democrats in the House, we started a policy of tightening the federal budget instead of the family budget.”

“Those who government intended to help discovered a cycle of dependency that could not be broken. Government became a drug providing temporary relief, but addiction as well.”

“Pouring hundreds of billions of dollars into programs in order to make people worse off was irrational and unfair.  It was time we ended this reliance on the government process and renewed our faith in the human process. In 1980 the people decided with us that the economic crisis was not that they lived too well, government lived too well.”

“In the Middle East it remains difficult to bring an end to historic conflicts, but we’re not discouraged.  And we shall always maintain our pledge never to sell out one of our closest friends the State of Israel.”

“None of the four wars in my lifetime came about because we were too strong. It is weakness that invites adventurous adversaries to make mistaken judgments.”

“Yes, government should do that which is necessary, but only that which is necessary.” 

“We don’t celebrate ‘dependence’ on the Fourth of July, we celebrate independence.”

“We cheered in Los Angeles as the (Olympic torch) flame was carried in and the giant Olympic torch burst into a billowing fire in front of the teams. The youth of 140 nations assembled on the floor of the coliseum. And in that moment, maybe you were struck as I was, with the uniqueness of what was taking place before a hundred thousand people in the stadium – most of them citizens of our country – and over a billion worldwide watching on television. There were athletes representing 140 countries here to compete in the one country in all the world whose people carry the bloodlines of all those 140 countries and more.  Only in the United States is there such a rich mixture of races, creeds and nationalities. Only in our melting pot.”

Source: Reagan Foundation via YouTube 

Comment:  The election in 1984 was an overwhelming electoral landslide for Ronald W. Reagan and VP George H.W. Bush.  The tally was 525 to 13, carrying 49 states - a feat done only once before.  The popular vote was 54.5 million to 37.6 million.  Walter Mondale (with Geraldine Ferraro as the VP hopeful) carried only his home state and the District of Columbia.     




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