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Video Got Gold Report Courtesy Release

HOUSTON --  On Sunday, September 30, we shared a new video Got Gold Report update with our valued paying Subscribers.  Today, after a short delay and as a courtesy to our entire readership, we have added that video update – in its entirety – to our YouTube hub for the general public.  We hope you find it worthy of your time. 

This report takes a look at changes in large trader positioning for gold futures on the COMEX in New York.  We also take a look at two of our Subscriber charts for gold, as well as other charts of interest, including metal holdings for GLD and SLV, the VXO Volatility Index, the Dow Transportation Index and much more.


The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) commitments of traders report (COT) released Friday, September 28, contained the positioning of the largest traders of gold futures as of the close on Tuesday, September 25, as gold was being more heavily opposed in the paper gold market.  By our reckoning the Legacy COT report for the largest, best funded and presumably the best informed traders of gold futures (traders classed by the CFTC as “commercial” and “bona fide hedgers”), has reached a fairly critical level.  Tune in to find out why we say that.  You may be surprised at what we have to show and say as we compare the action today to some important historical periods.   

Link to view on YouTube

Just a reminder, the video is best viewed using the full screen option and a high resolution.  Both adjustments are at lower right on the YouTube viewer.

20120827-NOIC banner

On another note we are looking forward to speaking again this year at Brien Lundin’s fabulous New Orleans Investment Conference (NOIC).  For those of you who have had the pleasure of attending past NOIC’s we need not tell you what a superb conference it is.  In our own view, the annual NOIC confab is the one can’t miss conference of the year. 

We don’t know how he does it, but Brien manages each year to bring in top financial and resource-related talent.  The world is facing very vexing and potentially game changing challenges today and in the near future.  Navigating the stormy global seas and protecting our wealth and purchasing power just ahead will be the challenge of a lifetime if the signals we see developing continue. 20120827-krauthammer

This year’s event is billed:  “Profits and Safety During Global Chaos.”  An apt title if you ask us.  We believe people would do well to listen to the council and advice that this year’s faculty will be sharing with NOIC attendees. 

According to a note Brien just sent out, this year’s faculty includes:  “Sarah Palin, Dr. Charles Krauthammer,  Rick Santelli, Dr. Marc Faber, Peter Schiff, Doug Casey, Rick Rule, and Stephen Leeb.  Plus: Bob Prechter, Brent Cook, Adrian Day,  Lawrence Roulston, Louis James, Marin Katusa, Mark Skousen, Steven Hochberg, Frank Holmes, Ian McAvity, Mary Anne and Pamela Aden, Gene Arensberg, Thom Calandra, Scott Gibson, Keith Schaefer, Robert Meier, Bill Murphy, Chris Powell and more.

20120827- Palin As my favorite uncle used to say, the best thing one can buy in hard times is good advice. By positioning in advance of an event a precious few stand to profit from the coming challenges, not get mauled by them.  Spending time with just one of these important thinkers, analysts, newsletter writers, financiers, and brilliant commentators would be well worth the price of admission, but at the NOIC we get to hear and interact with all of them for one low price. 

There will also be a large number of resource related companies exhibiting there and your editor will be giving a tour of several that are on our priority target list.  20120827-Faber

The conference gets started on Wednesday, October 24 and runs through Saturday, the 27th.  You’ll want to reserve early in order to be sure to get a great room in the very elegant host hotel, the New Orleans Hilton Riverside, which has a terrific view of the Mississippi River and is just a short walk from New Orleans’ storied French Quarter with all its sights, sounds, great food and quaint classic architecture.   

20120827-SantelliWe hope you will join us there this year and if you do, we hope to meet and speak with you.   Don’t be a stranger if you see us in the exhibit hall, in the lobby or outside the main ballroom.

One last thing.  In years past the NOIC has sold completely out well in advance of the event, so don’t wait till the last minute to register.  In fact, if you know you are going to attend but haven’t yet made arrangements, just click on the link below to secure your spot at the conference and in the host hotel  today.  You’ll be very glad you did.  

See you all in N’awlins! 

Reserve for the New Orleans Investment Conference here:  

New Orleans Investment Conference 


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