Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Courtesy Release - Got Gold Report Video - COT World Upside Down

HOUSTON -- Recently we shared a new video update with GGR Subscribers entitled “COT World Turned Upside Down" --  meaning that we are seeing unusual changes in positioning of the largest traders of futures as reported in the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) commitments of traders reports (COT). 

The video covers the reported positioning of gold and silver futures for the COT week ending April 23, as reported on Friday, April 26.  The report also looks at the recent gold panic sell-down event in a longer term context.   

As a courtesy to our entire GGR readership we have uploaded the new video to our YouTube hub, making it available to the general public.  (More...)

Of course GGR Subscribers got it first on the private, password protected Subscriber website, as always.  

Of particular interest in this video is that as gold was recovering about $45 in price Tuesday to Tuesday, we saw the natural hedgers (and the bullion banks many of them trade through) and Swap Dealers furiously covering their net hedges, while the Speculators, large and small, were actually selling into the gold recovery rally.  Our comment in the video says:  "In Texas we call that kind of action "bass-ackwards."    

Enjoy. (Video below.  Please note: Best viewed using high resolution and full screen - lower right on the YouTube viewer.)


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