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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Koos Jansen - German Gold Repatriation Accelerating

Koos Jansen is a keen observer of the gold biz in Asia. He writes for He begins: Headlines are easy to write, a bit of sensation in it and theywill surely persuadepeople to read the accompanyingarticle.ThoughIm oftendisappointed to read articles that containremarkably little of what the headline promises. On the other hand, I personally havewritten many articles that were read by fewbecause my headline wasnt catchy enoughin a stream of apocalyptic headers readers a daily thronged upon.I call this theheadlineproblem;no catchy headline, no readers. This might createan incentive for writers to exaggerate a headline just toget their message across. The next step

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Vancouver, BC – Constantine Metal Resources Ltd. (TSX Venture – CEM) (Constantine or the Company) is pleased to announce signing of an upland mining lease (“Lease”) on lands (the “Haines Block”) surrounding the Palmer Property (Figure 1). The Lease further consolidates Constantine’s district-scale property position in the region, which now totals approximately 108,000 acres. Garfield MacVeigh, President and CEO states, “we are very pleased to have secured this large and prospective land package and look forward to exploring these properties for the mutual benefit of Constantine shareholders and Alaska Mental Health Trust beneficiaries.”


Agnico Eagle to Acquire Cayden Resources

TORONTO, Sept. 8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ - Agnico Eagle Mines Limited (NYSE:AEM, TSX:AEM) (Agnico Eagle) and Cayden Resources Inc. (TSX-V:CYD) (Cayden) are pleased to announce that they have entered into an agreement (the Agreement) pursuant to which Agnico Eagle will acquire 100% of Caydens issued and outstanding common shares, including shares issuable under outstanding options and warrants, under a plan of arrangement (the Arrangement) for total consideration of approximately C$205 million, or approximately C$3.79 per share (based on Agnico Eagles volume weighted average price of shares on the TSX for the 30-day period ended September 5, 2014). Under the Arrangement, Cayden shareholders will be

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Monday, September 08, 2014

SURVEY: Hold, Fold, or Be Bold?

Jeff Clark, Senior Precious Metals Analyst, Casey Research writes: Question: What’s the best way to determine if Prozac works? Answer: Look at your gold portfolio. I read about two dozen articles last Thursday about the gold market, and not one of them had anything positive to say. Technical analysts, mainstream economists, industry analysts—all were bearish for various reasons and timeframes. Why invest in gold when… We’re repeatedly told the economy is improving—and basic data like falling unemployment and rising GDP appear to confirm it The stock market continues to rise, despite the obvious artificial interventions Prices remain stuck in a range and look

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U.S. Dollar Index Parabolic

The DXY looks parabolic in this new chart, but does it deserve tobe? The least sick member of the Fiat Currency Leper Colony, the U. S. Dollar.

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Stockman - “Jobs Friday”: Why Bubblevision Misses The Epic Failure Of The US Labor Market

The amazingly prolific David Stockman writes for his own blog, David Stockmans Contra Corner. He begins: CNBC’s long-running“jobs Friday” fetish is getting downright appalling. Each month the BLS puts out a treasure trove of data on the rich and complexmosaic of the US labor market—-adownload thatembodies a truly frightening trend of economicfailure. Yet the clowns whoassemble inits screen boxesto opine on Hampton Pearson’s 30-second summary of the BLSreleasenever have a clue. In their allotted 15 seconds of fame, they merely bloviateabout thesingle dumbed-downnumber—-the establishment survey jobs print—that is the sum and substance of the coverage. Trained seals wouldbe just as effective: ort! ort!

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Sunday, September 07, 2014

El-Erien - U.S. Economy Not Yet at `Escape Velocity'

Is it just us, or does anyone else get the sense that Mr. El-Erien issignaling us tojump intoa good fox hole? Bloomberg video below, about 10 mins. Best viewed on Page 2. Bloomberg

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Gold Bears Must be Disappointed

Prominent gold bears like Goldman Sachs’ head of commodities research Jeffrey Currie just about have to be disappointed with the action in gold metal recently. Consider the chart below for reference. USDX w GLD

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Koos Jansen - Another Week Of Strong Gold Demand In China

Koos Jansen is a keen observer of the bullion biz in Asia andwrites for He reports that silver remains scarce in Shanghai. Shanghai Gold After a very strong week from August 18 to 22, in which SGE withdrawals accounted for 46 tonnes, the sequential week was nearly as strong; in between August 25 and 29 withdrawals from the SGE vaults accounted for 42 tonnes. Year to date 1251 tonnes has left the vaults, this is 17 % less compared to 2013. Read Koos full report at this link. Thanks Chris.

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Pento – Hang onto Gold Stocks

“We are headed for a coordinated sovereign debt collapse,” says Michael Pento to KWN. “A coordinated collapse in the bond markets of Japan, Europe and the United States.” “For those who have suffered through this brutal bear market in gold stocks since 2012, take solace,” Pento says. Find out why he says that in the audio interview linked below. Follow this link…

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Saturday, September 06, 2014

The ECB is Blowing Smoke in our Eyes

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard writes worthy pieces for The Telegraph, including this one:Mario Draghi has played a weak hand with skill, as always. He is a superb actor. Yet thepackage of measures unveiled by the ECB yesterdayis pitifully small and mostly window dressing, an effort to buy time with a mix of vague gestures and outright gimmicks, a substitute for decisive action. “This is a classic ECB play of the kind we have seen so many times over the last three years,” said Andrew Roberts, credit chief at RBS. “There is huge smoke and mirrors at the time of the announcement, but when you go

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For September/October We Suggest Watching Traders the CFTC Classes as Other Reportables in Silver Futures

HOUSTON – (Got Gold Report) -- We end this partial update on silver futures with a suggestion as to who (which class of large reporting futures traders) to watch going forward. First,as silver prices edged $0.20 or 1.2% lower (actually less of a move than might have been expected given huge U.S. dollar relative strength), from $19.35 to $19.15 (as of Tuesday, September 2), trend following Managed Money traders (large hedge funds, commodity pool operators, commodity trading advisors, etc., aka “The Funds”) piled on a whopping 7,396 short contracts in COMEX silver futures, from 28,228 to 35,624 gross shorts. Thatsthe equivalent of 178

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Frank Holmes - The New Challenges of Price Discovery

Investing in the Age of High-Frequency Trading, Falling Volumes and Widening Bid-Ask Spreads Frank Holmes is CEO and Chief Investment Officer of U.S. Global Investors in San Antonio. He writes: As investment managers, one of our most important fiduciary responsibilities is buying and selling stocks for the best possible price and execution. We do this by using the statistical strategies I’ve previously covered, from monitoringshort- and long-term cycles;implementing probability models such asstandard deviation, mean reversion and oscillators;and identifying the relative valuation of stock with theportfolio manager’s cube. If only it were that simple.

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Friday, September 05, 2014

Gold and Silver Disaggregated COT Report (DCOT) for September 5

HOUSTON – The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) released data for the disaggregated commitments of traders (DCOT) and Legacy “COT” reports for the week ending September 5, 2014. Our recap of the net positioning for large reporting futures traders is below, compared to the prior week’s data. Source: CFTC for COT data, Cash Market for gold and silver prices. The positioning and price data is as of the close of trade in New York on Tuesday, September 2, 2014. In the DCOT table above a net short position shows as a negative figure in red. A net long position shows in black. In

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Koos Jansen - Does The WGC Understand The Chinese Gold Market?

Or does it not want us to understand it? Koos Jansen is a keen observer of the gold market in Asia, with emphasis on China. He writes for As I’m mostly occupied researching the Chinese gold market I feel obliged,again, to respond to the latest World Gold Council (WGC) report on China;Understanding China’s Gold Market, published July 2014. For readers ofChina specialsit may appear the WGC is exposing in-depth information on the Chinese gold market, while partially true,all publications contain inaccuracies and inconsistencies and do not disclose the most crucial data that indicates Chinese gold demand is significantly higher than widely assumed.

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